Up early reflecting on this journey… how did I/WE get HERE…?

A question often asked…What is J. London Boutique, and how did it all start? Although the answer is a simple one “I’m frugal… AKA cheap” lol… that’s not the big picture. So, what, and WHY, is JLB?
Having a Real Estate/Management background, I started this journey as a “customer” myself. Simply wanting to fit in with the “labels crowd” without initially having a designer source of income. For the past 14 years, I have primarily thrifted to provide myself with a plentiful work wardrobe, while incorporating some 1st hand pieces along the way. I’ve received “Best dressed” achievements and awards from multiple companies, all while in a room drenched in #dior #dolcegabbana#louboutin etc… But, how?

I believe that it doesn’t matter how little the item costs! As long as you rock it with pride and CONFIDENCE, you can roll with the most expensive tastes of them all. I strive to provide #AFFORDABLE clothing options, that will empower ALL women to dress for success, regardless of their monetary status in an effort to elevate self esteem, self love, and admiration.
I plan to conquer the world strutting in my $50 fit with my billion dollar attitude! After all… Self #confidence Is the BEST #outfit… Rock it OWN IT!!!
NOW… go check out #JLBGETSEXY www.jlondonboutique.com 💋👠💄