Up early reflecting on this journey… how did I/WE get HERE…?

A question often asked…What is J. London Boutique, and how did it all start? Although the answer is a simple one “I’m frugal… AKA cheap” lol… that’s not the big picture. So, what, and WHY, is JLB?
Having a Real Estate/Management background, I started this journey as a “customer” myself. Simply wanting to fit in with the “labels crowd” without initially having a designer source of income. For the past 14 years, I have primarily thrifted to provide myself with a plentiful work wardrobe, while incorporating some 1st hand pieces along the way. I’ve received “Best dressed” achievements and awards from multiple companies, all while in a room drenched in #dior #dolcegabbana#louboutin etc… But, how? Read more “J. London Boutique- How Did We Get Here…?”